Quintana of Charyn (The Lumatere Chronicles, #3): Review & US Cover Reveal

Book: Quintana of Charyn
Series: The Lumatere Chronicles, #3
Author: Melina Marchetta
Reviewed by: Ellyce
Rating: 5/5 stars

There is no doubt that there’s magic in the way that Melina Marchetta writes. She’s one of the few masters of her craft who makes crossing literary genres seem as simple as a stroll down the lane; her stories are painstakingly grown and tended to like a beautiful garden. In Quintana of Charyn, the stunning conclusion to The Lumatere Chronicles, she weaves a powerful story that is equal parts adventure, fantasy, self-discovery, romance, and so rawly human. Not many series are able to uphold a strong story throughout their entirety; there’s almost always a weak link somewhere in the books. But Marchetta once more surpasses all expectations, bringing the beloved story of Lumatere and its neighboring Charyn to a close with equal amounts of tears and laughter. (Thankfully, though, there’s more of the latter.) Continue reading