Fahrenheit 451: Review

Book: Fahrenheit 451
Author: Ray Bradbury
Reviewed by: Danielle
Rating: 4/5 stars

Every few weeks or so I like to visit a book store. Sometimes I have a goal, a specific book in mind (usually several), and other times I simply want to browse and enjoy myself. The smell is usually the first thing I notice – it’s one of my favorites. There’s nothing like a room full of books, their aroma so distinct and calming. Eventually I scan the usual sections, rejoicing yet at the same time despairing over how many books I have yet to read, wishing I could buy all of them but knowing I already have a whole box at home to finish. There is nothing quite like buying a new book. Even if you cannot read it for another few weeks or even months, there is a sweet sensation about having it in your hands, knowing it’s yours to devour whenever you wish. Reading a story for the first time, turning it page by page unconscious of what’s going to happen next, even the mere physicality of it in your hands, is an intoxicating experience. There is so much variety, so many emotions books pull out of you. My trips to the book store mean discovering something new; finding words that are pieced together in a way my mind has not yet comprehended. Words that will move me and grow inside of me; I will learn and be a better person for having read them.

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