Talulla Rising (The Last Werewolf Trilogy, #2): Review

Book: Talulla Rising
The Last Werewolf, #2
Author: Glen Duncan
Reviewed by: Ellyce
Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Following the publication of Twilight was a nauseating wave of vampire novels that generally left other supernatural creatures neglected or pushed to the side, with none more so than the werewolf. Last year, Glen Duncan’s The Last Werewolf was a winning tour de force that reinvented the werewolf myth and had critics hailing that werewolves had finally “gotten their due”. It was a delightful read that was fun, intelligent, witty, and sexy. As always, the question with sequels is: can it possibly live up to its predecessor? In this case, readers can rest assured that although it’s not quite what The Last Werewolf was, Talulla Rising is indeed able to match pace. Continue reading


Navarro’s Promise (a novel of the Breeds): Review

book: Navarro’s Promise
series: the Breeds
author: Lora Leigh
reviewed by: Megan
rating: 2.5/5

There are just some days when the left side of your brain turns to the ride side of your brain and goes, “I don’t feel like reading anything enriching today. Can we just read porn?” And when that happens, gentle readers, the time has come to turn to Lora Leigh. And if you want to get real adventurous, pull out a novel from her Breeds series. Continue reading